***This was originally to be a Facebook post, but I really try to avoid giving additional attention to things that bring sorrow on social media.  Since I know only my legit friends will read my blog, I’m posting it here…***
“It’s 2017 – are we really okay with Adam Jones (or any other human being) receiving the same degrading treatment as Jackie Robinson did in the 1940s and 1950s? 😣 And lest you wish to reveal yourself as apathetic and delusional, don’t talk to me about where else you hear the n-word; that’s a cowardice and irresponsible excuse to condone ignorance on either side. 😑
For the sake of all of our children and their children can we please stop pretending that the mental illness of racism has been eradicated? Clearly, it’s still an issue – it’s still wrong – and no matter how much money/status you have, it still weighs on your psyche when someone considers you less than and society reiterates that belief system with inaction and silence. 💔
I know this isn’t the first or the last time… I’m just tired… It’s disgusting and depressing and my heart aches. No matter what I do, what my sons (cousins, nephews, etc.) do; not matter what we accomplish; no matter how we help and love; none of it matters… Repeated incidents like this make it extremely difficult to remain positive. For my friends who would never behave in such a way nor explain away and/or ignore such filth, thank you for modeling Christ-like love for your friends and community. You help me recover hope when my soul is weary.
Really love one another (Romans 12:9) Check your temperature (Revelation 3:16)”
Note: I’m originally from Maryland, if you’re trying to figure out the connection to the Orioles.
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