I feel like I start every blog the same way… There’s always some back-story I feel would take too much time to explain, but it’s always pertinent, so I have to try to cram it in (mostly because I’m too lazy to make a vlog – which would actually be much easier, but such is life).

So, here’s the reader’s digest version:  A couple weeks ago, I took my little Bean (age 12) to the doctor’s office to get a required immunization.  While we were there, I was very pleased to have his nurse practitioner reiterate, to him, all the things I’d been telling him about nutrition and wellness.  While she was very kind, I could tell that she wanted him to understand that he wasn’t quite as lean as he should be at his height.  Now, Bean is pretty self aware and knows that he’s got extra snuggle material, but he takes it in stride and hasn’t let it impact his self-image nor his desire to make more proactive and healthful choices.  By the end of the visit, she informed us that we should have his blood drawn so she could check things out.

Long story short, her office called me yesterday and informed me that his blood sugar levels are higher than she would like.  He’s not yet in the diabetic (Type 2) range, but if he doesn’t make changes now, that’s where he’s headed.

While that wasn’t something I was happy to hear, I was glad that it was finally coming from somewhere other than my lips (’cause, ya know… mom – who’s studied nutrition and exercise physiology – knows nothing).  Not only did this let Bean know that the time to change is now, but it let me know that the time of laissez faire parenthood, where you “encourage them” to make the right choices, is OVER!  I’m the momma, I make (most of) the nutritional choices and I finally put my foot down.

So… Bean is now eating a plant-based (aka vegan) diet.  I don’t know if he’ll be vegan forever, but he will at least until I get his health stable.  After then, I MIGHT allow him to decided.

Now, I debated sharing this with the world for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m really not about that “kid shaming” life.  This is not at all about me beating him up over making juvenile choices (hello… he’s 12) and I didn’t want to do anything he would look at in 10 years and go “Dang… Why does my momma hate me?” then run off and write a Linkin Park-esque song about me.
  2. I am fully aware that (for the most part) he has only eaten what I’ve allowed him to eat.  Even though I know full well what’s healthy and what isn’t, I let my warped “let him be a kid” mentality endanger his life.

Yes – I said endanger his life.  It’s that serious.  And that is why I chose to share with the world.  There may be some other mom out there in the same boat.  I hope this is a wake up call and that you can get assertive before your child gets any sort of similar health contraindications.

Okay… Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, you may be wondering, “What in the world does a 12 year old vegan eat?”.  Well, he made oatmeal for breakfast, based on this video…

For lunch, I made us both “meatball” sandwiches (his has vegan “cheese”)…


What’s In That Sandwich, Homie?

I don’t plan for him to have such a grain heavy menu every day, but since this is his very first vegan day, I didn’t want to end up arguing about leafy greens and end up telling him to go to kale by dinner time.

I know I’ve said it before, but if you want to know more about plant-based nutrition and how it can improve health, I encourage you to watch these documentaries…


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