There’s no non-fangirl, chillaxed way to put this… I’m mesmerized by the owners of The Laya Center.

Let me explain…  The Laya Center was our 5th and final stop during the KC SourceLink Global Entrepreneurship Week vlog adventure.  The day, while filled with the awesome, was a long one for me and the amazing Eighty80Rule production crew.  Still, as soon as I stepped off the elevator and into the space of The Laya Center, the atmosphere immediately took me into peace mode.

It could be that I was greeted by a mirror full of positive affirmations…

It could be that the music was mellow, yet upbeat, with an east coast vibe that made me feel like I was back home in Maryland.

…But more than likely, I think it was the fact that LaToyia and Joe Mays are an amazingly welcoming power couple who complete each other in the most beautiful way.  Not just because they’re star-quality gorgeous (even their kids – GORGEOUS), but because their drive and purposeful movements make you sit up and take notice.

The inspiration for The Laya Center was born out of experience and an awareness that our traditional pill-pushing culture need not stay the norm and preventative wellness alternatives need to be brought to the forefront. Without giving away too much of their story (you’ll have to watch the GEW video), LaToyia and Joe wanted to create a space where they could empower people with the freedom to make holistic health changes and boy did they do that and more!

Not only is their wellness game on point (can you say cryotherapy chamber?) but their business savvy is on 1000!  They were able to connect with numerous resources within the KC Metro to get the business off the ground and create mutually beneficial relationships with other wellness leaders. When I tell you that LaToyia is focused and methodical about her circle, trust and believe she is.  Her eye for design, harmony, and elevation goes far beyond the impeccable interiors she designs (yup, she does that, too), but serves them well in staffing and networking as well.

The reality here is that there just aren’t enough words to explain what it’s like to be in the presence of #teamMays.  Until I can get them to buy off on doing a TV show (seriously, I want these people in my house at least once a week), you just need to go into The Laya Center and experience them for yourself.

Did I ask them to recommend a book like I did with the other entrepreneurs???  Nope – Epic Jami fail.  So, forget the book for these two… Instead, just do what I do, stalk them on Instagram and Facebook and LaToyia’s Interior Design Page: Interior 53 (tell them Jami sent you).




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