When you’re in a room of 90 women you know the emotions will run high.  When even one woman let’s down her guard and shares her heart, it spreads like a spark.  That’s exactly what my NLCC sisters did, this year during our annual getaway, when I asked them write down what is blocking them from feeling “stirred up” by God so they can go forward and stir up others.

They obediently shared their hearts and allowed me to collect their words and take away what they’d written down.  Little did they know, I would read and pray over each heart cry, asking God to provide a word to share and encourage them.

What follows is the poem God laid on my heart.  I asked Him to give me the words to address the needs of each woman who shared and this is what poured out…

“Daughter, I hear your cries of uncertainty, I see your frustration, feel your distress.

I know you long to be stirred up for me, but can’t find any rest.


Your everyday life overwhelms you; you’re pulled by issues big and small.

Some are blessings I have given you and some live merely in your mind, dear one, they don’t exist at all.


I see you struggle with idols, the mini gods you’ve placed first in your life…

Idols of perfect motherhood, perfect finances, idols of being a labeled a perfect wife.


And while those things are admirable, you’re oblivious to the toll their false highness takes.

The way they drain your energy, diminish your hope, and the increase in separation from ME they make.


You forget, I made YOU! Fearfully! Wonderfully! That I numbered your hair before your birth.

You focus on the sins I’ve already washed away; You grossly underestimate your royal worth.


Trapped inside your current circumstances, your hurt & pain is all the enemy wants you to see.

He sidetracks you with health and heart issues, until you’re left with selfish thoughts and apathy.


I’ve felt the pain of every obstacle and trial in your life, wounds where the enemy is planting seeds of doubt.

He tricks you saying I’m too big to care for you and that you have no clue what a holy, Christ-like walk is about.


So you isolate yourself and retreat to the false safety of your ‘comfort zone’.

Believing it’s better to not make a move at all, than to make one and wind up all alone.


With all of these distractions, fear, and distrust, he warps your mind so even a tiny step seems too difficult to make.

But I hung, bled, and rose to equip You – I promise in my word that you have victory, so stand strong in your faith!


Inside you I’ve place the power of the holy spirit, the same power that conquered the grave and eternal death.

And I rebuke the lier that whispers doubts in your ear and tries to make you feel inept.


I proclaim that you are more than a conqueror – I told you to walk by faith and not by sight.

And hear me, child: If I said it, it is so – YOU are the salt! YOU are the light!


GET UP! Motivate, meet, and encourage one another. Don’t stagnate, Radiate!

You’re not too old, you’re not too busy, you’re not too broken, you are NEVER alone, and it’s never too late.”

I hope and pray the words above will provide reassurance and point all of my sisters to His truth.

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