If you go to my church, you know I like to get my Lauryn Hill on.  However, outside of Southeast G-Town, I’m not really known for my mic skills…

Nothing could be further from the truth for the third entrepreneur I had the pleasure of sitting down with last week –  Roy Scott.  Not only is Roy a popular Kansas City rapper (can you say “Tomahawk Chop“?!?!!!), but he’s the founder of H3/Healthy Hip Hop. His incredible mixed bag of talents is just par for the course in the lineup KC Sourcelink created for their Global Entrepreneurship Kansas City vlog (captured and produced by Eighty80Rule).


During our rooftop chat, Roy shared how he was inspired by his son to create music that both parents and children could enjoy, that would leave a positive impact.  That inspiration birthed a company that not only entertains, but leverages technology to provide engaging educational programing!   H3’s programming made such an impact on the Shark Tank that… well… I’ll let Roy tell you.  But let’s just say, you know your content is dope when you’re considered a threat by THE major network in the children’s entertainment arena.  Like a true champion, Roy pushed through that obstacle and maintained his focus.



One thing that stuck out during our conversation was when he told me he “never had fear” and I whole-heartedly believe it.  Spend just a few minutes with Roy and you’ll see that every move he makes is strategic, down to his socks! #sockgameon1000



But seriously, Roy is a shining role-model for adults as well as children with his focus and hard work! And though I’m still waiting to see if I can become the third member to round out the H3 trilogy, I’m super stoked to have met him, learned about his journey and all the resources he took action on to achieve his success, and I look forward to seeing the Healthy Hip Hop brand continue to grow.

Of course I had to get a book recommendation from Roy.  He recommends Pitching Hacks and if this mogul in the making says it’s legit, I’m getting it!

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