As many of you may know, my sweet baby girl, Murph got out last Saturday afternoon.  After a 30 minute search she was found by my neighbor, however, she was injured.

She was limping and favoring her left hind leg.  Though she would let me touch her paw and pads, stretch and rub the leg, and didn’t appear to have any redness or irritation, it was clear that she had some sort of injury.

When she was still limping Monday morning, I knew she had to see her vet.  Thank God, I was able to get in first thing that morning, but upon examination, her vet determined that she has a torn ACL.  He let me know that we could manage it with medication, but since she’s only 5 years old, we should consider surgery.  I couldn’t agree more, but the truth of the matter is, I’m not at all financially prepared for this unexpected expense.

So, I’m reaching out to my friends and family.  I have a plethora of products and services to offer and I’m hoping you all will consider choosing to do business with me, if there are any I provide that you or your friends and family could use.

Below, you’ll find several ways you can help, if you feel so lead…





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