Did you know I’m a hippie?  Okay, I’m not a legit hippie, but I’m pretty crunchy-granola-momma – at least for Gardner, KS.  That being said, I use homemade deodorant.  This is something that came about during my transition to a vegan lifestyle and just my general desire not to pollute my body or the earth (okay, I’m done preaching for now😜).

Well, I’m out of the awesome deodorant my friend Rachel (check out her Doterra link, ’cause she’s the BOMB!) made me, so I decided it’s time for me to learn how to fish (well, not fish, because vegans don’t kill fish, but you get the picture – preachy vegan is preachy ☺️✌️🍃).  Since my 13 year old, Bean, is homeschooled he got in on the action as well.

Why did my silly little Bean suggest I put Pumpkin Spice in this deodorant??? McScuse me???  LOL!  Just because I wear Uggs, scarves, and am generally basic, doesn’t mean I want to walk around smelling like Starbucks PSL.

Pumpkin spice and basicness aside, I’m noting the armpit hack in case you want to try it…

Here’s What’s Under My Arms, Yo!

***This “recipe” is an adaptation of the one noted in this Pin.***




Shameless self-promotion section…

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