If you read the title, you’re likely thinking “Who in the world is Jon, why does he say get on the horse, and who made him the boss…”  Or maybe you’re thinking none of that, but that’s how my thought process would go.

Just in case you’re like me, I’ll fill you in:  Jon… Jon Ellis, to be exact, is the founder of Paradise Park.  He was the first of 5 business owners I had the pleasure of sitting down with to learn about their road to success.  This awesome 12 hour adventure (thank the sweet Lord for makeup setting spray!) was the brainchild of KCSourceLink in preparation for Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kansas City.  Through the magic of the Eighty80Rule vlog production team, who documented each chat via video, we all get the inside scoop on these incredible business pioneers.

Okay, that’s enough background; let me tell you about Jon and why he’s the boss of me…

The man is 100% heart.  As we walked through the vast park and sat down with Jon, he shared his heart for providing a space for families.  He explained how he heard of a need, thought someone should fill it, and decided that he should be that someone.  Jon detailed how the park has evolved several times over the course of it’s existence and how he continues to bring in new and exciting features to continue to give Kansas City families and businesses what they need to make memories and build relationships.

You really need to see how the man lights up when he explains how he brings in new teen hire and watches them grow in service experience and develop skills that will last them a lifetime.  He really endeavors to equip them so if and when they leave, they’ll be a strong asset in their next career choice.

One of the things I took away from Jon, as a key to his success, is his willingness to listen to what his customers need, and make changes in response.  He doesn’t assume he knows best.  He truly is in business to serve and make sure each visitor has a positive and fun experience (I mean, dude legit got in the ball pit with me 😍).

Since everyone can’t spend all day hanging out with KC’s finest entrepreneurs, I made it a point to ask them all for at least one book recommendation.  Jon’s recommendation is Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t.


Have you read Good To Great?  If so, what were your thoughts?  Would you be willing to read it at the same time as me?  Let me know and stay tuned for posts on insights from the other 4 business owners.

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