Disclaimer:  I totally stole that blog title from the subject of today’s blog.

I feel slightly bad for stealing from such an incredibly generous and caring person, but I will console myself with the knowledge that I’m contributing to her brand recognition.

Not that she needs my help, though! Laura Schmidt, owner of Notes To Self, is doing quite phenomenally on her own accord, thank you very much.  After meeting and talking with her as part of KC SourceLink’s Global Entrepreneurship Week vlog, I can totally see why! (Oh, if you’re counting, she’s entrepreneur 4 of the 5 shot by the awesome Eighty80Rule crew)

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start – comment below if you get that reference) of our chat. As I walk in, I’m immediately warmed by Laura’s smile – which I’m pretty sure is the cause of global warming.  It’s so sincere and big, I immediately want to get to know her!  She proceeds to introduce us to her team members, who were on their way out, but had pretty captivating smiles of their own, and gives us a tour of the facility.  But, more on that later, you came to hear (well, read) what she said…

As I did with the entrepreneurs we chatted with earlier (see previous blogs), I asked Laura how this business was born.  Laura explained how she was in the car, feet on the dashboard (NOT driving), and the idea came to her – what if she could put positive affirmations on the place where people would see them first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening… Now, I’m waaaaaaay over simplifying because this woman is a genius.  She’s a huge proponent of personal development and affirming self worth, so she knows those two time periods are extremely crucial in setting the tone of your mindset.  Pure genius!

The genius doesn’t end there, Laura took what she learned in her Kauffman Foundation FastTrac class (which she initially attended for another business) and began laying the foundation for Notes To Self.  She started at home, with her family working alongside her, and now operates a thriving business that gives other women (though I’m sure she’d welcome gentlemen) the freedom and flexibility to support their families.  I won’t give away the whole chat (you’ll have to watch the GEW video), but this positive powerhouse definitely knows the value of surrounding herself with like-minded individuals.

Laura is truly dedicated to helping everyone she encounters love themselves just a bit more each day; so much so that she gave us all our own pair of socks – check out mine…


Of course, she didn’t just stop at socks.  She’s got all kinds of spirit-lifting loot – from headbands to journals. (Like, for real, why are you even still reading this?  You should be over on her website ordering stuff!)

As if I didn’t already adore her enough, she also mentioned her love for podcasts, namely Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership podcast.  She’s also a fan of Business Boutique by Christy Wright.  I already have the book, but considering how things are going for Laura, I’m making a note to self to read it again.

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Laura · October 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm

Jami, you are awesome! Thank you for your kind words! I loved meeting you!

    Jami · October 25, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Every word is true! The pleasure was all mine!

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